The Indie Drinks Can Advice Service provides information and insights for independent drinks manufacturers exploring the can as a packaging option

Can Creator

Using Can Creator is a quick and easy way to try out different design ideas on drink can. Whether you’re using Can Creator online or downloading it to use offline, uploading your 2D creations to view as 3D cans couldn’t be simpler. The app has been designed to give you the freedom to explore; there are different can sizes and finishes, you can rotate your can 360 degrees for a view at any angle and it’s simple to share can designs with clients, colleagues and friends.

Sean Thomas, creative director, jkr said: “There’s a fresh and innovative feel to many of the can designs coming to market – and designs appearing on a can have an even greater edge because the canvas is that much bigger; it’s always great to have extra space to work with and to create a design that can be experienced from all sides.