The Indie Drinks Can Advice Service provides information and insights for independent drinks manufacturers exploring the can as a packaging option

The opportunities for independent drinks companies in the UK has never been so exciting, for brewers and soft drinks firms alike.

Consumers’ tastes are changing and, as a result, the range of drinks catching their eye and taste buds is broadening.  This is inspiring a packaging revolution; the can, already popular with some of the world’s most widely distributed and international brands, is becoming the must-have container for the nation’s independently produced drinks. For an increasingly environmentally aware nation, the sustainability of the can only makes it a more attractive proposition. The materials are simply collected and recycled, again and again: already 70% of all aluminium cans are recycled in the UK.

In North America, the appetite for canned craft beverages, particularly craft beers, has grown rapidly; cans make drinks more accessible, as they are lighter, easier to carry, quicker to cool and of course infinitely recyclable. Now the UK is following suit and demand has driven the launch of a range of affordable, short-run contractor services, mobile canning companies and multiple choices when purchasing low to high volume in-house lines.  The options are there to be explored and contact details can be found on our suppliers page.

Canned beverages also allow for sharp looking and exciting packaging; they provide the can designer with almost unlimited possibilities. Such eye-popping imagery opens the drink up to a wider audience– just look at the images on this site if you want evidence of that!  And here is a link to our ever popular Can Creator so that you can quickly and simply try out your designs and how they look on cans.

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